Lewis Hamilton is SEXY!

I am so madly insanely going crazy over Lewis Hamilton. NOT a good sign. =p

So we were invited to go watch the race, what an honor to be given passes and asked to attend the really crowded event. And of course, way more happier to see Lewis Hamilton. Totally awesome! Of course, all the other drivers too.. But.. Let's focus on the good looking driver shall we.


Went there with Adrian, place was mad packed. It's pretty normal actually, it's always packed! When is it not? So yeah, the whole crowded area just got on my nerves honestly. Now, the other thing you all need to know. Everytime when they sell you 'protective gears' such as ear plugs. You want to buy it! Really just BUY IT!

We were sitted at the grand stand. Which is so awesome. Makes you feel a little closer to the cars, and another bonus point is that I love cars, especially fast cars. The sounds were insanely AMAZING! Felt like every single piece of heaven!!

I don't wanna post all the pictures on my blog, for more pictures. Go to my Facebook to view em. =) *clickety here*

I had so much fun at the F1, felt like a small kid too. Of course, the excitement to see the race and the drivers were there.. I just didn't do any cheerleading stunts cheering for the MacLaren Team of course, but hey, the car sounds were too loud and I bet you no one heard me. =p

The only thing I hated loads about it is that the stupid jam heading back to reality lasted for more than 4 freaking hours! I could reach Penang from KL!! But hey, for Lewis Hamilton. It was worth it. Ha ha.. XD

So anyways, go see Facebook for pics. Till then. Updating my blog is lately now a torture. =p