Macaroons from Babycakes

I have recently developed a huge craving for macaroons. And was ever so excited when Nicole came to the office with HUGE BOXES of macaroons!! *weeeeeee* I'm a happy child!

So my dear dear friend / wardrobe stylist has opened her own bakery shop that sells specifically yummylicious macaroons called Babycakes. It's located at G City Club Hotel.

The thing is few months back Nicole brought her macaroons for a shoot that we did together.. It was so yummylicious and I wanted to order more but never had the darndest time to do so... *sigh* I tried loads of other places for the macaroons nothing can compare to the macaroons from babycakes.. And her macaroons are so special!! And there's so many different tastes and flavor in it..

I finally managed to get her macaroons once again and this time I did my orders too!! But hey, you can actually go to her shop and purchase the many different flavors. It's so insanely delicious!! I love how it looks hard but when in your mouth, it melts and it's so soft and yummy.

So guys, I'm highly recommending these yummylicious macaroons from Babycakes. If you want to order them just email them. If not pay them a visit at Babycakes!!