My Sex And The City Lifestyle.

I love having my girlfriends with me throughout all these years. It's been ever so meaningful to have them by my side, it's been ever so touching that they have all stood by me through thick or thin. So this blog is specially dedicated to 3 ofmy besties who have especially stood by me through out all these years.

Few Months ago, I got insanely hooked on Sex And The City, funny thing is that we never realized that that TV series is the exact life we women are living in. (For SOME OF US) And I completely could relate myself to eachof the TV Series. The whole thing about the TV Series, is not about the drama or the sex but the sisterhood. The amazing friendship they have had over all these years, the beautiful storyline of the true meaning of friendship.

I started to relate my story, so the friends of course started to fall in line to each character. All of us agreed on the roles, and of course.. I wonder why.. They said I have Carrie's personality. I beg to differ, but 1 against all 3. What can I say or do right? So anyways, now the group of my friends and their roles..

Charlotte is my dear kindergarden best friend. Esther. She's as innocent as Charlotte is, she's as beautiful, sweet and well groomed as Charlotte. Also Charlotte is of course the most understanding, well mannered and well behaved one.. Trust me, every inch of Esther is like her! Exactly like her. That's why I love her. =)

My childhood friend who became my sister. Amelia. And her role as Miranda fits it really well. See Amelia is a workaholic, even tho Miranda was the first to get preggers, of course we're not expecting that from Melia, but anyhoos.. Melia is a workaholic. And she's one friend who is very honest with her opinion. She listens but at the same time she advices and suggests.

And now lastly, my friend for the past 3 years. Kimberly. The Sexy Siren. Of course, of all roles she gets is Samantha. Now trust me, Kim has guts no one else has! She's the sexy one, the confident one and the friend who is just oh so sexy all the time. I am madly in love with her and how she is so much confident in her own way. That's Kim, but at the same time. She's so amazing that she also stands by me, always is there for me especially in times when I needed her most.

The other thing about these 3 girls is that. We've been together for so long. It's like we're all having affairs with each other. And the best part of all, no matter how far apart we are.. We still keep each other updated with our lives and what's going on and so on. Our friendship still stays strong. Just like these 4 women from the Sex and The City. We share our tears, laughter, joys and love. Sad and anger and a lot more.

So to celebrate such great friendship I went to get all 4 of us a matching bracelet. Cheesy. I know. But I wanted something so bad to show our strong friendship between each other. So I went shopping with Miranda oops I mean Amelia, and we found these cute owl friendship bracelets.

So this is the bracelet that represents our friendship. The 1 bracelet that resembles our friendship. =) Cheesy blog I know, but I do need to thank my friends out and aloud. =) Proud and aloud more like. So here's a shout out to all of you my 3 babes..

Thank you for the amazing friendship throughout these years. Thank you for standing by me for all these years, thank you for sharing me your shoulder to cry on, or an ear for me to voice out.. You babes are the most amazing friends I have ever had. Appreciate it loads. So I guess now, I should start writing my Sex And The City Story. Part 3 just that this time featuring Me, Esther, Amelia and Kim. =) Should be an interesting story I tell you!


Princex Esthx said...

i love this!! We should start our sex and the city (Malaysian Version) story!

Should tell why we choose owl as bracelet? Where's mine?!

Clare Chiara said...

LOL. Yours when you come back Malaysia then only you will get it la..