Nail Tutorial: Angry Birds

I'm a HUGE fan of the app for apple. It's called Angry Birds! Such an amazing game, so much fun and so interesting. Makes the long journey awesome fun. =) So I decided to get my nails done, Angry Birds style. =)

I went online in search for some inspiration. Instead of inspiration I found this. She made the nail art look unbelievable! I loved it so much, instead of creating my own I wanted to have my shot and just try my luck and see if I could follow what she did. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to copy her and all, she's way better than I am. So credit to Simply Rins for being so talented at creating all these nail art! *click here* to view her Angry Birds Creation.

1. Base Coat!
- Stressing out in almost ALL my nail tutorials. BaseCoat is VERY IMPORTANT!

2. White Base Color.
- White base color always pops the nail artcolors out. But do take notice that my middle finger and ring finger on my left hand is light green and purple. And my right hand only my ring finger was painted light green.

3. Red Angry Bird.
- I'll just show you all how to do one bird, I think you guys would be able to figure the rest out too. =)

4. Top Coat and your done. =)
- This is the end of the result. My left and right hand and even my toes. =)

So there, my Angry Birds Nail Art. Thanks to Simply Rina.. Appreciate being able to do such a nail art following her style. =)