Nail Tutorial: Daisy Spring

I love flowers, I love Spring. I love all the heavenly beauties of the daisy flower. So I decided to do something pretty easy for a lot of beginners.

Few days ago, I came upon this YouTube tutorial fromOlivia Frescura. Her YouTube channel is full of make up ideas and nail art tutorials and I stumbled upon this Daisy Spring Nail art she did. And decided to create something similar.

It's honestly very easy to do. And here's how to do it.

1. Nail Strengthener
- I have recently started to pay special attention to the caring for my nails.

2. Base Coat
- Of course the next important part is the base coat.

3. Gold Base Color
- I chose a gold to make the white petals for the daisy stand out more.

4. Circle
- You want to use a toothpick, a brush or even a needle to draw small circles. Also, it depends how much daisy you want.

5. Draw Lines
- Using the brush or the toothpick or even the needle, you want to draw lines TOWARDS the circle.

6. Orange Dot
- Using the Orange colored and a dotting tool. Dot the middle of the circle.

7. Top Coat
- The top coat is to add on the extra sparkle to the nail art.

So have a nice daisy time doing this daisy nails!!