Steve & Salina Sabah's most Famous Wedding.

Just last week was in Sabah for a few days. Got back with a bad fever, insane cough and crazy flu. Wonder why each time I go for a holiday I get sick. It's annoying. Well this Sabah trip was not much of a holiday, it was for the most famous wedding in KK itself. It even came out in a full page of the Sabah paper I tell you!! Imagine that!

So the flight was early in the morning. Half the gang was 2/3 of the gang was already in Sabah enjoying the beach and all. Half of us were leaving in the morning. Half of us were leaving at night. I am too ashamed to say this, but can you believe it.. I have never inmy 25 years of being a Malaysian ever step foot in the West Malaysia so of course I was so excited going to Sabah. Tek Nam tried his silly skills bluffing me I need my passport and all, felt like a nut case thinking I really did need that.

And my goodness Tek Nam and Jay was singing this.. "Welcome to Malaysia" Song.. The whole trip in Sabah.. This song was in EVERYBODY'S HEAD!! *adui*

Sabah is insanely beautiful! The air is so fresh the whole place is so clean you just want to stay there for about a week or so. I know i wanted to. So we had a van pick us up with Jay and Victor inside already exploring Sabah. Brought us to the hotel.. We stayed at Shangri- La Tanjung Aru. The hotel is insanely beautiful!! I loved it so much!!

The view. The whole being close nature was just insanely gorgeous! I love so much and want to make plans on going back there. =) I mean look at that!! Look how beautiful the scene is!! =)

So after we dumped all our luggages in the hotel. The next step for the SOA riders, to ride in Sabah. Sad part was there was no Harley Davidson rental near our hotel, so of course they had to get the more 'kapchai' normal looking motorcycle. And we all started to go on 'rempit' rides around KK just to go look for lucnh. *sigh* Once your a rider your always a rider.

Ask anybody and they will tell you when you go to Sabah it's a must to eat seafood. Hell Yeah!! My favorite!! =) So of course it was a ride to get seafood for lunch. And we got loads all right!! Crabs, prawns, HUGE fishes and loads more.. I tell you! *slurp* It's a MUST to eat seafood when in Sabah!

After lunch, a ride back to the hotel to have our rest and prepare for the Bachelor & Bachelorette Party. First thing I want need to post, what you are about to see may shock you. So this is sooooo not for the faint hearts. =)

1. I just found out that there are hidden talents among the Think Tank gang.
2. They have a secret love to boy bands!!

So we were invited to Steve's house for the Bachelor Party. I was shocked to find out that Steve being our Art Director is one of Sabah's most renown son of a baker! His fatherhas this bakery called Garden Bakery if I'm not wrong.. And their very very famous it seems. And that was also why Steve & Salina's wedding announcement came out in a FULL PAGE news!! So Steve brought us on a tour in the bakery and later on Karaoke sessionsand alcohol. Let me just say that the hidden talents all started appearing that night! And the wedding night. Here's pictures as proof!!

Just look at the 'paparazzi' surrounding Tek Nam!

Tek Nam making another Solo Appearance.

And then there was Ramesh who took over 'Ariel from Peter Pan'.

And of course, the most famous one of all.. Ladies & Gentlemen.. I present to you.. For one night only!! A very rare appearance by the Backside Boys!

HOLD UP!! Now back to the night before the wedding. Now in a chinese wedding there's always this session where the groom heads over to the brides house to pick up the bride and he has to go through the brides 'sisters' or as they call it.. 'ji mui' to get to the bride. I was given the honor of hosting the 'ji mui' session. Of course, it was JOY and excitement for me as I got to 'bully' the boys. =) So the girls didn't stay long at the Bachelor Party and shot off back to the hotel suite where Salina the bride was staying.

The other thing that I love about traditional weddings is that there are these traditions and customs that you are supposed to follow and so on. It was such a great moment to be with Salina when she was getting her hair combed and when she had to eat some 'tong sui' too. I started to understand the traditions slowly bit by bit. =) And then the planning for torturing began...

Next morning, the wedding day.. Had to wake up early and rush to the suite to get the games on the go.. *phew* I nearly fainted when I found out Steve brought along at least 20 over of his 'brothers' called 'heng dai' to help him pass the test that the 'ji muis' have arranged. We had so many awesome games. Sadly because I was hosting the games I didn't get to take any pictures. =( So I do hope to see them on Salina's facebook soon.. =p

Salina gave all her 'ji muis' a very beautiful gift. =) A really drop dead gorgeous ring.

The wedding dinner was just gorgeous!! I have so many pictures to share.. I think it's best you guys just head over to my Facebook to see it. =) I had the most insanely fun ever!! And I so wanna go back there!! The wedding was beautiful, everything about it was gorgeous!! Congrats to Steve & Salina on their beautiful wedding.. =)