Tyson is TOO Fashionable

I was going through Tyson's clothes. Because I know there were some of his clothes that he can't fit in no more. So decided to just give some away. To my horror. I realized, Tyson is way more fashionable that the Fiance. *deep sigh*

Just look the the amount of clothes his got!! For a dog that is!! Spoilt doggie. Can't blame him for being spoilt now can I?

Few days ago, I had to put him in this dog care called PJ Dog House! Such a beautiful place!! Tyson has so many new friends there now. That place is so fun for dogs!! It's open and the person who cares for the dogs is such an understanding dog owner herself. Of course, parting with Tyson is always hard. It's never easy. =( His so close to me that I pamper him way too much!!

Anyway, main reason of this blog. To those of you who have a mini dog. Like the smallest dog in the world and want some cute attires for your pet pal. Do look for me.. I'll pass it to you. Especially the lady bug top and the dinosaur top. Tyson seems to be growing even though his a mini pincher.. *hmmmmm* Is there something wrong him?? I wonder.. His actually huge for a mini pincher!! He keeps growing in size!! Oh goodness!!

And lastly, I miss Tyson.. *ugh* Once my fever gets better I'm bringing him home!! I don't care!!