Babycakes Macaroons

I absolutely love Macaroons. And the thing about macaroons are sometimes it's just too sweet, sometimes it tastes weird and sometimes it just does not turn out to be the macaroons I like. I'm pretty fussy when it comes to macaroons.

So dear Nicole who owns Babycakes shop brought over some macaroons she baked on set few months back. And I've been craving for the macaroons for the longest time. And finally got to order a whole box of it.

I absolutely love the macaroons from Babycakes.

Some macaroons that are sold out there are too hard because they freeze it too much. But baby cakes it's just perfect. And their flavors!! What amazing flavors they have!! Caramel, Red Velvet, Sesame Seed, Green Tea, Chocolate and loads more!! Total yums I tell you!! *clickety here* to see more flavors and pricing.

I think I better start ordering my next few boxes now.. =p My absolutely favorite flavor is Caramel, Red Velvet and of course Chocolate. The flavor is just heavenly! It's not too sweet and it's just the perfect taste for me. =)

If you guys would like to place and order. It's easy.. *clickety here* to go to their Facebook Group. If not just head on over to their shop at G. Tower. That simple!! So if you want really good and delicious macaroons. Babycakes is the shop to get them!! =)