Happy Mother's Day 2011

"When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother.. What will I be? Will I be pretty? Will I be rich.. Here's what she said to me..." I loved that song when I was a kid, but grandma would always reply.. I'd be someone better than anything else in the world. That's what a mom would always answer.

During my teenage years, I always wanted to get flowers for my mom and grandma. But instead they'd both always reply me.. "I'd rather have your good results than these flowers." That's what a mom would always say.

And when I slowly grow to a young adult, my grandma and mom's wishes for me are always the best. "Money is not important but the value of family is." That's what a mom would say.

Today, I woke up thinking and dreaming of my mom and my grandma. How I wish I could celebrate with them. Grandma is up in heaven and mom is all the way back in Ipoh. What a mother's day it would be for me without them to celebrate with.

I miss the both of them so much. *sigh*

So all I can do is wish them after all that they have done for me.

Dear Mom & Ah Ma,
Words would not be able to describe how much I appreciate what both of you have done for me. The both of you are the best mothers any daughter can ever ask for. God has crafted you both with a lot of love and care, a lot of joy and understanding, and of course a lot of patience too. I love you both very very much. And yes, words may not describe how much.. But I will one day show you when I have my own child. Thank you for everything.. I love you both. Happy Mother's Day.