There are a lot of things I am ungrateful for.
There are a lot of things I need to learn to be thankful for.

Today's ride taught me somethings I thought I already knew.
It was as if the people I love wanted me to learn and know this.

Just that 1 word.

Have you ever for once looked at your life and appreciate life this far?
Or how you have everything and when you walk into others you feel jealous of their belongings?
Or what others have, we wanted to be better than them.

Others live in a wooden house and when it pours their house is flooded..
But, they are happy.

Others use a bicycle or their own two feet as transportation even under hot scorching sun or thunderstorm rain..
But, they never complained.

Others own clothes that are torn, smelly and out of style..
But, they are happy they at least have clothes to wear.

Greed drives us humans to do crazy things..
Human ego drives us to greed.. In many ways.

Today I learnt..

Humble please guide my ego.

I need to learn to appreciate what I already have and think of those who have nothing at all. But still are happy.

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