Red Lipstick

I've recently created a craze for red lipstick! *smacks* Insanely crazy. So I did something bad.. =p I went to get myself a red pair of lipstick. The 'burlesque' red I call it. And at the same time I have also developed a mad love and craze for it! =)

So I started to do a 'research' about red lipstick. And I started wearing red lipstick more! =p There is just something really fantastically sexy about having those sexy red lips! Trust me!! To the extend I had to get Mattie to take a pic of me in red lipstick. =)

I realized with simple make black eyeliner and a stunning red lipstick your look is completed! How fun is that? Like how Kim K does it. How HOT is she? See how she pulls of black eye liner, white eyeliner at the water line and red HOT lipstick and she's done!!

Or for something sexy and siren - ish.. Be Angelina Jolie. Nude eye colors and a red hot lipstick you'd be sexy!

See how Penelope wears her red hot lipstick! Simple eye make up and a red smashing lipstick. I realize that when you want to draw attention to your lips. It's best if you wear simple make up just a simple black liner or just nude colors!

The fashion to wear with your red HOT lipsticks, you should wear like pretty simple clothes wear. Whole attention to the redness of your lips is already drawing attention. So simple clothing would do. Like how Anne H. does it. Simple, elegant and lovely!

You can be a rocker, a diva, or even a fashionista. Just with red lipstick how awesome is that!! Here's more celebs wearing em red lipstick.

Let's all start going all red shall we now? Red lipstick. My lazy make up miracle.