The Little Prince

My Uncle Daniel gave me the most beautiful birthday present when I was a kid. It was a book. A book called, The Little Prince. Being a kid, I never could understand that book, but I kept that book after all these years. And here is how it looks today.

I took my time to read the book again, trying to understand what it meant.. Why is this book that amazing? There was even a money note with the Little Prince printed on it, that money was my bookmark in the book.

But as I sat down reading the book..... I understood why it was such a beautiful. There it was, I finally found the words I've yearned to hear. I want to get these words tattooed on my arm or some where on my body. These beautiful words.

Page by page, I read.. I teared. I am loved. For what it's worth.. I'm loved.

I plan to get this book, a brand new one.. and give it back to my uncle's family and my aunties family to let them know that... They too are loved. My family too.

Just to let them know.. No matter what.. They are loved.. Loved.