Nail Tutorial: Ahoy There Matie!

Ahoy There Matie!

I was in Singapore for a few days few weeks back, and while doing some shopping at Orchard there was a heck load of Navy Sailors around. They looked so stylish and really smart and handsome in their attire... So today's nail art is inspired by them Navy. =)

1. Base Coat / Nail Strengthener

2. White Base Color
- I decided to go safe with the colors. Excuse the messy sides la..

3. Black Lines
- Using a thin brush or toothpick draw on 4 straight lines across your nails.

4. Black Polish
- Pain 2 blocks black. I decided to put the focus more on the thumb, pointer and the ring finger.

5. Rhinestones
- I like my nails to be blingy! So using your gold beads and rhinestones you want to decorate your nails with an anchor, captains wheels and some design.

6. Top Coat and your done!

How simple is it? Ok honest truth, I spent a long time on this nail art because the gold beads just took a lot of time!! =) But hey I love the finish look! Don't you guys?