Nail Tutorial: Busy Bee

Work has begun. Of course it's always crazy and making me run around like a headless chicken. So I decided to do a really simple nail art. Me as a busy bee.

1. Nail Strengthener / Base Coat

2. Base Color
- Sorry for the bad lighting. Did my nails at night. You can choose any base color that you like,

3. Black Lines
- Using a toothpick or your dotting tool you want to dot on lines all over your fingers.

4. Yellow Dot
- Dot on a huge Yellow Dot and that is your bee.

5. White Wings
- Using a white color. You want to paint on the wings.

6. Black Dot & Lines
- You want to Dot on the head of the bumble bee and the stripes after. And your done!

7. Top Coat

And your done! How simple and easy is this nail art!! Have a busy working beeful day! =)