Nail Tutorial: Despicable Me 'Minions'

Have you all watched Despicable Me? Ok, it's been out for the longest darndest time, but I finally just got time to watch the movie few weeks back. I fell in love with the little 'minions'. They are so adorable!

So I decided to create mini minions on my nails. =)

1. Base Coat / Nail Strengthener.

2. Yellow Base Color
- I'm using a pretty striking yellow for this nail art.

3. Blue Tips
- Apply on a dark blue colored on the tip of your nails.

4. White Eye Balls
- Using the white nail polish dot on the eye balls.

5. Black Lines
- Using a black paint you want to draw the smile, the eyes and the hair of course. Be as creative as you can! Use either a toothpick or a paint brush to paint on the lines.

6. Top Coat
- AND YOUR DONE! Now you have little minions on your nails!

How simple and easy is this nail art? And how cute is that? Have fun doing this nail art! =)