Nail Tutorial: Monarch Butterfly Inspired

Have you guys ever seen a Monarch Butterfly? They are the most gorgeous looking butterflies ever! And they are so extremely beautiful! So I decided to get my nails done.. Butterfly Style! =)

So I went online desperate to look for ideas on the butterfly nails. And thank God for Cute Polish. I found this video and immediately decided to do this nail art on my nails.

And here's how I did mine. =)

1. Base Coat

2. Base Color
- I decided to go with a hot pink color, because my orange just was not as interesting at all!

3. Black Paint
- Using black acrylic paint you want to color the tip of your nails and a line at the bottom area.

4. Lines
- Draw 4 lines towards the tip of your nails.

5. Circle
- Using the same color you want to shape the nails nicely. Create a round effect on the end of the line.

6. White
- Using the dotting tool or toothpick dot on some white dots on the tip of your nails.

7. Top Coat
- And your done!! Butterfly wings on your nails!