Nail Tutorial: Peekaboo Teddy Bear

Another bestie was staying over at my place so I decided to get her nails done too. This friend of mine is my childhood buddy and I wanted to paint on a teddy bear nail art for her because she reminds me so much of my teddy bear. Always there for comfort. =) So here's how to do this nail art. I got this nail art idea from Simply Rins. *Clickety Here to see her art* She did a better version than mine.. it's her idea after all.

1. Base Coat/ Nail Strengthener
- Very Important!

2. Base Colors.
- I used 3 base Colors, White, Brown and Dark Brown. I painted White on the ring finger because that is where the teddy bear is going to be.

2. Light Brown
- Using your dotting tool draw a half circle and 2 dots with the lighter brown color. Your drawing all of this on your ring finger.

3. White
- Using your dotting tool or toothpick you want to dot on a smaller half circle in your brown area, 2 dots for the eyes and 2 dots in the ears.

4. Black
- Using the black color you want to dot on 3 dots. 2 for the eyes and a bigger dot and a line for the nose. So simple!

5. On The Other Nails
- Because you want the attention of the nails on the bear, only apply polka dots on the lighter brown color.

6. Top Coat
- And your done! How cute can your nails be now?!

So here you guys go. A simple nail art. Cute and adorable. Don't forget to view Simply Rins page! She's an awesome nail artist! A special shoutout to Amelia for allowing me to do her nails. Thank you babe. =)