And the Wedding Journey Begins..

Finally, we have decided on a date. This is so exciting. No turning back, I'm about to be a MRS. Last weekend on a Sunday, I caught the flower bouquet from Carol and Julien's wedding. This weekend, on a Sunday I have finally officially registered with the church my wedding date. Signing up for my Engage Encounter course. And the headache begins..

Online researching started. Questions started. Good gosh, I need to learn to handle my time scheduling and all now. There's so much to do, how to inform, a budget, should I hire a wedding planner. Where do I start.. Gosh, I'm lost. But EXCITED at the same time!!

The only thing I have a huge problem with is pleasing so many people when it is OUR wedding, OUR marriage. It's frustrating! *ugh* But anyways, a huge big step don't you think? We can finally lock down the wedding date. The plannings, headache all begins. *sigh* Let's pray that things go well at the end of the day shall we? Anyways, let's all pray that things go well as plan and by 2012. A perfect, meant to be wedding happens. =)