A Beautiful Wedding.

The most beautiful wedding by far. Gosh, I could not have imagined such an amazing wedding. And of all places in Taman Rimba. Makes it even more special and meaningful in many ways. A garden wedding. My first!

Carol the bride kept to her usual self. There had to be something red it was her amazing shoes and hair. And that beautiful hair piece that she made using a deck of cards. How amazing! Julian the groom was very stylish too!! And the both of them make such a beautiful and amazing couple.

Their little gifts were beautiful. A little bit of story behind the both of them. Filled with sweets that we used to eat as kids. And a really yummy cupcake!

On each table there was this beautiful decoration that was just so lovely! A little touch of their the couple. Perfect and beautiful.

As the sun set, there was this amazing musician singing love songs. Dude is amazing! And of course it made us all more lovey dovey. The slide show that Carol & Jules did was so beautiful. I was in tears. So beautiful and meaningful at the same time.

Oh! And you want to hear the story of the night from my side.. I caught the bouquet la. *crap* Ha ha. Funny story... It came to me. It fell right in front of me.. I swear!!

So I guess, next in line is me and the Fiance.. =)