Nail Tutorial: Comic Strip Word Bubble

I got to fix my nails in the middle of the night few days back I think it was Wednesday night or something.. *hmmm* Oh well. This was a nail art I have wanted to do for the darndest longest time. Just never had the right time to get that done. So the right opportunity came and I got it done. I cut my long nails off too, tho this would have looked awesome on longer nails, but oh well. It's cute and I still love it!

1. Base Coat / Nail Strengthener.
- I have no idea how many times I keep stressing on using the base coat. Note to self: I'm running out of base coat too!! Need to get new ones. =p

2. Interesting Bold Base Colors
- Choose interesting bold colors. I used a purple, greenish, pink, yellow and orange.

3. Black
- I'm using acrylic to paint on the nail art. So now, you want to use a black and create this sharp edges and comic strip like bubble. It's supposed to create a certain shadow look to your comic strip bubble.

4. White
- Using White you want to paint on top of the black. Creating the shadow effect. You don't have to cover all the outline of the black paint. Just make a smaller version of the black comic strip bubble.

5. Words
- Again using the black acrylic paint you want to paint on the words. You can use your thin brush, toothpick or needle. I used a toothpick for this nail art.

6. Polka Dots
- Now, using your dotting tool, you want to dot on some polka dots around your comic strip word bubble.

7. Top Coat
- Apply a layer of top coat and your done!! How simple is that! Oh but do keep in mind to let the acrylic paint dry off first before you apply the top coat. You really don't want to mess up your whole nail art.

Have fun being creative!