Nail Tutorial: Konad Elegance

Hey guys,

Konad is really a big help all the time. For the past few days I've been so caught up and busy with work that I seldom have the darndest time to get my nails done. *sigh* So I decided, it's about time to use my Konad Nail Stampers. And here's how I got this nail art done. It's so simple!!

1. Base Coat / Nail Strengthener.

2. Nude Base Coat
- I decided to use a nude base color, so that my nail art stands out more.

3. Konad Plate M57
- I'm using Konad plate M57. The design is sweet and elegant.

4. Stamp it on.
- It's so easy, just stamp it the way you like it. But do make sure your base color is already dry.

5. Top Coat
- Apply the top coat, do let the nail art dry for a while.. Once it dries up then apply the top coat. it's really important.. So that the nail art does not get ruined.

How simple is that? So elegant at the same time too! =)