Nail Tutorial: Star Wars

Uncle Daniel insanely loves Star Wars. Aunt Joyce and I will once in a while tease him about it. But seriously, my dear uncle Daniel is a big Star Wars fan but not crazy. =) I remember when I was a kid I had to sit and watch the movie with him. So this time around, I decided to create my Star Wars Nail Art. =)

1. Base Coat / Nail Strengthener.

2. White & Black Base Color.
- I colored my Tall Finger and thumb in black cause that is where I want create my nail art.

3. Storm Trooper.
- Using a black nail color / acrylic paint you want to create the storm trooper look on the ring finger.

4. R2D2
- I love R2D2 in Star Wars. =) His such a cute robot. So what I did was I started painting his silhouette first using a white nail color / acrylic paint. Slowly start creating it's look using Grey, blue black and don't forget his 'red eye'.

5. Light Saber
- On my 3rd finger I painted on the Light Sabers.

6. Top Coat
- It's honestly pretty simple don't you think?

So here's one Nail Art for all you Star Wars fanatic out there..