Party Make Up

With the help of Pexton with the camera, and with Suki standing by. We decided to blog a make up tutorial. It's a first time I decided to ever do this on my blog. So give me a break ok! So that night, we were getting ready to head out for a party. Suki my dearest friend and a make up artist decided it's about time I learnt how to get my own 'make up' done instead of relying on her all the time. So with her standing by.. we got to work.. My very first make up tutorial.

1. Primer
- You want to use primer so that your make up stays perfect the whole night and you have an easier clear skin to apply your make up on. I'm using the primer from Stage.

2. Concealer
- I have really bad eye bags (says Suki) so she advices me to apply concealer at the under eyes so that I leave a clearer one skin tone on my face. =) Suki says do not over apply because your eyes would tend to be white in the area. So you want to use the concealer brush to apply it dab by dab and bit by bit. Using Concealer from Stage.

3. Liquid Foundation
- Now some of you might not necessarily want to apply this. But because I knew I was gonna sweat a lot. I decided to just apply it anyways. Besides it gives you a smooth skin look. Suki's Advice: "You want to choose a color that is NOT too dark or fairer than your skin. Finding the perfect skin colored foundation is a must. If not, when taking pics, you might see the darker shades. Using Foundation from Stage.

4. Powder
- Suki's Advice: Applying powder after foundation is NOT TOO MUCH! It's perfect. Gives you a flawless looking skin. And clears off the bright spots on your oily face. Again, I'm using the powder from Stage.

5. Blusher
- Now, apply the blusher. You want to find a perfect blusher cause having your cheeks all red.. You might just end up looking like a clown. Using blusher from Stage.

6. White Eye Shadow
- Suki's Advice: White Eye Shadow helps to shape your brows and creates a clearer look for your eyes. It's important to shape them nicely near your brows. Eye Shadow from M.A.C

7. Dark Shade of Green
- Suki wanted to try a different look so she applied this dark shade of green all over the lid of my eyes. Eye Shadow from L'oreal.

8. Dark Brown
- Using a dark brown. You want to apply it at the side of your eyes. Creating a 'dark shadowy' look. Only apply them on the side of your eyes.

9. Black Liquid Liner
- Using a black liquid liner you want to line the upper lid of your eyes. Creating extra attention to your eyes. You can create a 'bat wing' look or an old school retro look, it's entirely up to you.

10. White Liner
- Using a white eye liner you want to apply it on the water line of your eyes. Creating an extra pop to your eyes. Attention more on your eyes. Suki says my best features are always my lips or my eyes so she said she'd rather have the attention on my eyes for that night.

11. Mascara
- Use a waterproof mascara if it's going to be an all night party. Cause you don't want your sweat to spoil your make up! =) So make sure a proper mascara is used!

12. A dab of Lip Gloss, Fix your hair.. And your done.
- Suki's Advice: If your make up draws attention to your eyes you want to keep a simple nude color on your lips, if you want to draw attention to your lips instead your eyes should have a simple look so your lips can stand out.

It's time to party!!

So your look is done, your hair is done.. It's time to party all night long!! So have your fun!! Since your all glamed and dolled up!

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