Wedding Blog: Colors Colors Colors

Here we go again.. Another decision to make. This time it's the colors. So many beautiful colors, so many beautiful weddings with the different colors. Simply gorgeous!

There was green. Pretty interesting, especially if there was a garden wedding. A uniquely different color. But not something for me and the fiance.

And then there was the girliest colors. Pink. I'm not a big fan of pink. And this was really a bit too much la..

Then brown. Brown.. How interesting.. And really it was interesting when it combined with the pink.. But again, not much of a pink fan.

I do however LOVE blue so I started to search for the color blue. But then again.. Sometimes Blue can be quite scary choice.. So I decided.. Not THIS blue. And with yellow.. So not interesting.

Then I came across the most interesting color combination. And we've selected the color. A light blue which is my favorite, White which is the Fiance's favorite and Red which is the color of love. =) Perfect!

Now to start planning everything following this color scheme we selected.. What to begin with? Cards it is then.. =)