Wedding Blog: Research Research Research

So the research started kicking in. I'm looking for what dresses to fit me, what wedding gifts, what color schemes. What location and all.. Oh My Goodness!! I'm starting to enjoy all these wedding details!

Wedding dress. As much as I hate to deny it, there are times we just want to wear the wedding dress and see how it feels. Maybe the last time I tried it, I was still unhappy with the weight. It's so frustrating. There are so many beautiful choices and goodness there are times I wish Malaysia would be like in the States or something. It's freaking hard to find dresses like these. And I honestly hate those typical chinese looking puffy like a cupcake wedding dress. I don't want to look like a cupcake when I walk down the aisle.

I love this dress a lot. (Above) Minus off the black bow. I'm half chinese. And Chinese believe black in a wedding is not good. So.. Maybe a different color.. Which ends up leading to my color scheme for my wedding. I can't make up my mind what color schemes I want for my wedding! OH HELP ME! If I keep it too colorful they will say my indian blood is running too much. OH GOSH! Colors.

So back to the dress. In Malaysia. Sad to say, it's really hard to find the perfect dress. I think I should stop doing a research on which nice dress I should wear and all.. And just deal with whatever I get.

Then again.. I want something special! Something memorable. Something different. *Hmm* Tailor making it would cost abour RM2K. What is the point of keeping my wedding dress?! When will I ever wear it?! And let's say you guys say keep it for my future daughter. How sure are you I get a daughter?!

Whatever it is.. I want something Blue and White. =p *ugh* Research, planning this is a torture!! And the best part... Why is it that women have to plan everything while the man just attends the wedding??

Oh well.. I'll have my fun.. Get my bridesmaids to do a little homework for me. =p For now.. Going back to the internet to find the nice wedding dress.