Healthy Living: Detox Juice

Yesterday, my dearest Aunty Joyce taught me how to be a 'good housewife'. Well honestly, how to detox myself and the fiance. It's pretty simple and healthy, I highly recommend you guys to make this for your own too! And it's really simple!! Here's how to do your own Detox Juice.

1. You need 5 different colors for this drink. Most important ingredient which you MUST HAVE is Celery and Broccoli. (Green)

2. Fruits! Mix your Detox juice with fruits you love so that yo enjoy the drink. I mixed it with Dragon Fruit. (Purple)

3. Persimmon. (Orange) DO NOT PEEL OFF THE SKIN OF THE FRUITS! That's where all the fibers are in!!

4. Guava. (Green) You want to slice the fruits smaller before putting it in the blender.

5. Pineapple. (Yellow) Add half a cup of water after you have all the fruits in the blender. Once you have gotten all the 5 colors fruits and vege inside. You can start blending.

6. USE A BLENDER! Not a juicer but blender! If you want extra added taste to your detox Drink, you can add a bottle of Vitagen / Yakult / Fruit Juice. Not that much. But just add a little to add a little sweetness to your Detox Drink.

7. USE A BLENDER! Not a juicer! Blend everything together!! And your done!!

If you still can't take the taste of your Detox juice you can add Honey or more Fruit Juice. It's up to your liking. But seriously, this drink is INSANELY healthy.

Anyways, here's to healthy living! CHEERS! =)