Nail Tutorial: Gold Stars.

I bought a new OPI color the other day. So I wanted to try new nail art. Besides, I had an event to head to so all the more.. Special nail art to be done. =)

1. Base Coat

2. OPI Color.
Can't remember the name of it. *hmmm* But love the dark colored Nail Varnish.

3. Gold Glitter.
- I love a little bit of bling on my nails. I don't like them bare somehow. *pouts*

4. Gold Stars and Gold Beads.
- Add on everything GOLD that you have! =)

5. Gold Rhinestones.
- Now you want to apply the Gold Rhinestones.

6. Top Coat
- Apply a layer of Top Coat and your DONE!

I love my blings and gold and Rhinestones! =)