Nail Tutorial: Konad 3 in 1 Nail Art.

It's been a while I have not done a nail tutorial. So here's 1 I did a while back. A 3 in 1 look. With the help of Konad. =)

1. Base Coat

2. Yellow.
- Using a make up sponge you want to sponge your nails all the way to the top.

3. Orange.
- Next using the orange you want to sponge few inches above the yellow. It creates a blending look.

4. Pink
- Next color to sponge on. Pink. Again, just a few inches above the Orange.

5. Dark Blue.
- Lastly, the tip of your nails you want to sponge just the tip of your nails.

6. Shimmer
- To add a bit of glitter / shimmer to the nails. Paint 1 coat of shimmer on your nails. If you like your nails this way. Apply the top coat and here's look number 1.

7. Stamping Time!
- If you want more design on your nails. You can try this look. with the Konad stamp you have. If you like this design itself, apply the top coat and your done. This would be Look 2.

8. Butterfly instead?
- If your not interested in the above look you can apply look 3. Butterflies. You want to stamp on 2 different colored butterflies. Starting with the black.

9. White Butterflies & Top Coat.
- Now add on a white butterfly and the top coat and your done!! That simple!!

Have fun doing your nails! =)