Nail Tutorial: Sweet Rainbow Shatter

I have finally collected all of OPI shatter collection. =p *weeeeee* The thing about Shatter Nail art, you have to be creative or come up with something really interesting and all. So I came up with this nail art. Hope you guys like it..

1. Base Coat

2. Pink
- Using a sponge you want to sponge on pink at the bottom of your nails.

3. Orange
- Above the Pink you want to sponge on the orange color.

4. Yellow
- Then Sponge on the Yellow. It's ok if the color blends. That's the whole purpose.

5. Blue
- Then sponge on the blue on the tip of the nails. You want to make it look as if you have blue tip nails. =)

6. OPI Shatter White
- Apply only 1 coat of OPI White Shatter.

7. Top Coat
- Apply a Top Coat and your DONE!