Day 1 with Iggy - I got an Iguana!

This post was supposed to be posted yesterday and because I was away on shoot, I shall post it today then. So there will be 3 posts today. =)

I've been missing Toki lately. (My dear old Iguana RIP) So, I decided to get myself a belated birthday present since I have been saving up for a nice birthday present. And due to emotional situations Fiance has allowed me and given me blessings to have a reptile at home. (He hates reptiles btw.) I had to lie to him saying "ifwe have an Iguana, it will eat up cockroaches at home." (Fiance HATES and is TERRIFIED ofcockroaches.) So he said ok to me having an Iguana as a pet.

Was feeling extra stress due to the upcoming shoot. So it was the perfect time to get myself an iguana. =) Was so excited about getting my Iguana. So thrilled!!

Bought the cage and the heat light, food and water bowls. Chose my little fella. Oh what a Joy!

Note: You have to get used to the tail whips!

Well, 1st of all my iguana is only about a month all. So it is still a small little bugger. But oh my! The amount of whips I got trying to grab it out from the box *ouch*

Was playing it the whole night. Wanted it to get used to the fact that I would be be hand holding it loads of time. And besides, to train an iguana.. It takes loads of getting used to. Like the whips and all.

But oh what joy this little fella brings. *Aaaaaaaawwwww* I know most girls don't really like reptiles or creepy crawlies, but there is just something about having these adorable little fellas.