Day 2 with Iggy - Naming it.

The first thing I did when I woke up was run to the Iguana's cage and take it out to touch him, and pet him, and love him, and 'sayang' him.. And.. And.. Ok going overboard here. The best part was.. I had NO idea what to name 'it'. (The reason why it's an 'it' is because when an Iguana is small it's hard to tell the sex.)

So I started my social networking power. And started asking all my friends on Facebook and Twitter what to name the little rascal.

On my Twitter.

My weirdest reply was from Alistair. A dear friend of mine who decided on Antonio.. *cricket sounds* Antonio?!??!?!?! Then there were few other replies like 'lizard' or 'cicak' or then again... 'Toki 2' (Not much help la all you Twitter friends.)

So it was Facebook then.

Look la at the name suggestions.. *faints* Really folks. Can we get any more weird names? *huge sigh*

Was chatting with Liam and Mattie trying to source out a name. All 3 of us got really stressed up and Mattie suggested "Why don't you just call it Iggy?" Sounds interesting. I guess. Then he went on saying that since we don't know the sex of the Iguana, let's just call it Iggy. It was decided then. It's name shall be Iggy. Iggy the Iguana.

Fiance complained saying I was like a small kid. 1st thing I do when I wake up is play with Iggy. Last thing I do before I sleep.. Play with Iggy. =) *Oh Joy*