Day 3 with Iggy - Whipping Tail!

Every morning the first thing I do is run to Iggy's cage and put up a fight trying to take him out of the cage. Poor little fella is still trying to get used to the fact that I love touching and holding him. =p Bad me for wanting to play with it all the time.

Today.. I managed to get Iggy used to my smell and let him realize that his gonna be my comfort zone. =) Funny thing about animals, they can sense your emotional pain or stress and it just stays calm so that you can pet it and all.

Surprisingly today Iggy stayed on my lap and body the whole day. Felt so nice and warm that he just wanted to stick around. *comfort*

So today, for the first time.. I'm able to hold Iggy without him squirming and squeezing away from my hand.