Day 4 with Iggy - Work Makes Me Miss Iggy

None stop back to back shoots. Thus the late post. *sigh* Oh well. I hate that I'm at work like a mad fella. And by the time I'm home my poor Iggy is already asleep. And when I wake up in the morning, reaching out to play with him is a huge MUST. Hopefully once we move to the new office I get to bring Iggy to work with me. =) *weeeeee* (Since now I get my own space.)

But each time when I'm at work or not at home. Iggy is in his cage. Fiance is still a little bit terrified of him. *Wonder why* Iggy's getting used to my hands. But attempting to catch him as he runs around in the cage is really driving me up the wall. Need to learn to train him how to behave. *sigh*