Day 6 with Iggy - Time for a bath.

The thing about Iguanas. You must keep them clean! It's a must! Their pretty clean animals, they want and love to be clean. Was doing my research on how to clean my Iguana on You Tube and Google. Big help. The world wide web has yet again saved me. Ha ha.

So they mentioned that to bath your Iguana put them in a bath tub and let them swim around and all. Well my little fella is a little small for that, besides his only about a month old. And 2nd of all, not that rich to own a bath tub yet. =) Soon. Cause I love baths.

So decided to just bath him in my kitchen sink.

Iggy literally jumped around the sink. Think I freaked it out. Big mistake. Lesson learnt, I had to actually put my hands under its belly to let him feel the comfort there and later let it get used to the water and slowly it was ok. It was swimming around in my kitchen sink. LOL.

Now Iggy is all clean and all his dried up skin are finally cleared. *joy*

Today Iggy learned to bond with the Fiance. But each time Iggy climbed closer to Fiance's shoulder.. Fiance would freak out. It was such a hilarious moment. I could not stop laughing.