Day 7 with Iggy - Iggy's Home.

Spent the whole day at home. Yesterday's asthma attack gave me quite a bad sinus in the morning. *sigh*

Cleaned Iggy's cage and bonded with it the whole day. Iggy's still getting used to me putting my hand in its cage and trying to hand hold him none stop. Cause I read that you as the pet owner need to be the domineering one. So attempting to do that with Iggy.

Was on an outdoor shoot yesterday and there were loads of fallen tree branches so used em to make Iggy's cage more interesting. :)

Oh and in case you were wondering where Iggy is in the picture below. He was in my hands. :) And so, that's Iggy's house.

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This Is Me said...

I'm back! hahaha

Clare Chiara said...

Hello madam!! Welcome back!!