Iggy's Length!!

I realized I lack the time and effort to update my blog with Iggy's status. *sigh* Due to the busy schedule and all. Even with a smartphone I'm still unable to update my blog *sigh*

So I think from time to time I will just update as and whenever I have time to. =) Better idea then.

Time is passing by really fast. Iggy is growing.. In terms of length. Goodness!! I guess it's a good thing. But good gosh it can be really fussy with food. Which can be quite frustrating. For a minute it likes it's bok choy, then grapes, then papaya then pumpkin.. Gosh.. Iggy.. But yet again.. it's growing longer and not bigger..

But then again, maybe I'm just not seeing it. *hmmmm* Oh well. Slowly Iggy is getting used to me.. Good sign. Good sign.