Nail Tutorial: Cars Nail Art

It's been a while I have not posted any nail art. *Gosh* The lack of time is really killing me. So finally I had a 1 week break from 'work'.. Well not really. But then again at least I had time for a break. So managed to catch the latest Disney Pixar Movie Cars 2. I love Pixars, they amaze me with all the animated films and all.

So this time around, decided to paint my nails Cars style. Ok I do need to stress. THIS IS NOT PERFECT! It may suck so do forgive me! At least I tried.

Paint the thumb Brown, the pointer Red, the tall man Blue, the ring man purple-ish, the baby finger light turquoise.

Then using a white you want to paint on their 'eyes' wind shields.

Using a black you want to draw around the wind shield to create the effect on their eyes I guess. LOL. Then also using the black draw on their smiles and 'facial features'

Using yellow you want to dab on the 'head lights'

Then using shades of Blue and Green and black you want to create their 'eye balls' LOL. I have no idea what you call them. But yeah..

(Excuse the dry hands. It's the humid weather.)

After your done. Top Coat! And your finished!!

I'm not to sure if you guys can recognize all the Cars. So on the thumb it's Mater, pointer is Lightning McQueen, Tall finger Sally, Ring is Ramone and on the baby finger it's Flo. Didn't really know the cast of Cars 2 yet. So never got Cars 2 nails done. =) Well that's it for now.

With Love,