Iggy the Iguana is on the papers.

 Let's all not get too carried away with the tittle. Now, here's the blog explanation how come Iggy got 1 day of fame.

Yesterday was Pet's Mass at SFX. See, every year St. Francis Xavier church at Jln Gasing PJ hosts a mass for everybody's beloved pets. It's not my first time, I used to take the doggies.. But it was Iggy's first time. It was my first time bringing Iggy for the mass celebration.

Why we do this mass, well honestly pets bring a certain joy to our daily lives. I look forward to going home after work to Iggy, feeding Iggy with my bare hands and just letting him crawl all over me.. I love that Iggy gets so attached to me and realizes that I'm a source of comfort to it. And many don't realize it, but your pets are the ones that carry your burden just to cheer you up. Especially dogs. Thus, me bringing Iggy to church to get it blessed and giving it a source of joy.

Iggy was really good when mass started. It was the tiniest reptile in the whole mass, thus the attention. But it was so calm. And relaxed, and I was pretty surprise that Iggy was that calm. I was expecting it to go haywire because well Iggy was surrounded with loads of dogs, cats and even a snake!

Aunt Joyce brought along her dogs. Dotty the Dane had loads of attention, she was the biggest dog there.
French, the Scottish mixed Poodle allowed Iggy to hitch a ride or so. Iggy seemed so comfortable on French. And French was pretty relaxed that Iggy was on his head.
There was so many dogs there! Gabby loved the attention she was getting. Thus the uncle had to babysit Iggy while I took loads of pics. Pics all on FB, knock yourselves out.
And then there was the other reptile. Monty the rock python. Monty belongs to the priest Fr. Simon. Aunt Joyce was just babysitting it. But she loved that Monty was such an awesome fashion accessory.
 I'm very proud of the littlest cousin. Gabby. Look at her, not afraid of Iggy. But my hand there shows I was freaking out that Iggy would whip her or something. Hah! But Iggy was fine with her.
 Fr Simon started his rounds blessing all the animals with holy water. Iggy felt so special, it got so much attention and Fr. Simon sprinkled more holy water on it. Surprisingly, Iggy did not even flinch! It just laid there on my hand allowing the holy water to sprinkle all over it. When I attempt to shower Iggy, it squirms and wiggles its way out of having a bath. And here, holy water being sprinkled and it just laid there.

And today, on the newspaper. Iggy has his 5 minutes of fame. Iggy the Iguana. =) Mom got all excited and demanded I post a pic on Facebook so she could show my baby brother. So there. Iggy's moment of fame. Oh and he came out on Star Online too!! So do check that out too!! http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2011/10/5/nation/9633926&sec=nation