Iggy the Iguana should be a spokesperson!

Early in the morning, I got a text from a friend. "Wow 2 days in a row and your Iguana is still in the news! Celebrity or what?" What? 2 days in a row? Iggy in the papers again? I was freaking excited but at the same time a bit worried afraid people would leave nasty comments about Iggy.

Good thing was it was a good feedback from a reader. I totally agree with what she mentioned on the papers. Animals are part of our lives and they deserve to be treated with respect.

It's pretty much upsetting that there are a lot of abused animals, a lot of pets that are being put down because the animal rescue place is too full. Loads of things can be helped and saved in many ways, we just never realized it. It's about time, our country stood up to animal abuse and voice out and say something about it! It has happened too many times. Voice out against animal abuse!