Nail Tutorial: Halloween Week 3 *Spookydom*

I finally managed to squeeze in time to get my nails properly done for halloween. FINALLY!! *ugh* Gave myself a good pedicure. =) 
1. Base Coat
- Again Base Coat is REALLY IMPORTANT!

2. Colors of Halloween
- I used a slimy green, orange, black, white and glitter. I love bling so had to add a little bit of myself in my nail art design. =)

 3. Black Out lines
- Using black acrylic paint, you want to draw on Frankenstein hair and mouth. Also the face for the Halloween pumpkin.
 4. Green Outlines
- The green is to add a little bit of color to your pumpkin. Draw on the leaves.
 5. White
- Now using white you start drawing your little ghostly figures. *Booooooooooooo~~* Also using your dotting tool you want to draw on the eye balls for your Frankenstein.
 6. Red blood!
- The blood stains was surprisingly easy to do! And the best part, it does not have to be perfect! The messier the scarier!!
 7. Top Coat
- As you can see I left out a design for my blinged out nail. Well, just to keep it 'simple'. How easy and fun is this nail art?
 Here's a better shot of the nail art in the morning. Plus I cleared the sides too. =) Extra plus point.. Have a spooky halloween then!!