AMC Alumni 2011

This month I've been so caught up with loads of happenings in my life. One of them, the AMC Alumni. So the questions begins.. What is the AMC Alumni? What big event did we do and so on. Well I'm from Ipoh and my high school is called Ave Maria Convent, long for AMC. Some of the 'seniors' who graduated from year 2002/2003 gathered to help the juniors who are in school now. Me, I was glad to see so many of us concerned for our juniors in AMC. Hoping that our event can help them sort out a path for them.

Many of us are confused with where we should head after our high school. Some of us ended up dropping out from school because we feel that it is just a waste of time.. Well, we were all there to prove them wrong. Especially to those who were in the arts stream. We all gave talks to help the juniors. We had a Q&A. We had loads of juniors asking us questions about a lot of things. Put it short, I think the event went pretty well. =)

Me, I'm glad that I was a part of it to just give a few tips and advices. Hopefully next year, it will be better. =) I just wanted to share why I have not been blogging lately. =p