Nail Tutorial: Animal Prints

Changed my nail art again. I had to. I get bored with my nails all the time. So this time, I tried something different. Animal prints. With a twist. =)

1. Base Coat
- Note to self: It's time to trim the nails. *sigh* Too long.
 2. Base Color
- I chose a nide color and also my personal favorite color. Blue. Excuse the bad lighting.
 3. Blue Spots
- Using the same blue for the base you want to put some spots on the nude nails for the leopard prints.
 4. Konad Stamp
- Using the Konad Stamping tool you want to stamp on some leopard prints on the pointer finger.
 5. Black Stripes
- Using black acrylic or nail polish and a toothpick or a paint brush, paint on the tiger stripes on the blue fingers.
 6. Black
- Also using the same black you want to draw on some outlines for the leopard prints. It's pretty simple honestly. And after every thing you want to apply the top coat and your done!!