Nail Tutorial: Vintage Nail Art

I love vintage wallpaper flowers. It is so light colored, beautiful and kind of makes me feel more.. 'girlie.' So many months back I did this same nail art, but of course, now I'm doing a different kind of nail art.

1. Base Coat.
- Very Important!

2.  Base Color
- I chose something grey and light bluish color. And I love the color honestly. Allows me to draw attention to my roses. =)
 3. White
- White polka dot and white stripes. =) I love it! I realized the previous nail art I did had way too much roses so I decided to try this out instead.

 4. Time for the roses!
- Now I have done this roses before, if you want to see how to do it.. *Clickety here to see how*
 5. Top Coat
- And your done!!