Belum Rainforest - A journey back to Nature.

Few weeks ago, the family decided to take a trip away from the city. Well, we always have this family trip going on. Thanks to good deals on Groupon.

We had this pretty good deal to stay at the Belum Rainforest Resort, it is located at Pulau Banding, Gerik. The northern side of Perak. Trust me.. it is in the middle of NO WHERE!! *Faints* We were in a secluded 100 over year old rainforest, there was no phone lines BUT there was WIFI! Bonus point! LOL. The journey took about 6 - 9 hours, 9 hours if you leave KL and 6 if you are leaving from Ipoh. We had to spend the night in Ipoh, the journey was never ending. The whole car ride gave me a really bad back.

The thing about Belum Rainforest, you need to know.. It is a small island. Well quite honestly, the island is not that small, a human being is smaller. The island is surrounded by a man made lake. Which is exquisitely gorgeous!! The other thing about being back to nature, you have no idea how much you have to be thankful for and love nature all the more!!

We arrived Belum Rainforest Resort around 4pm. The resort itself is sooooooo clean! There is no TV or Radios. Not even a swimming pool!! Quite normal if you want to go back to nature. I highly recommend if you bring along a good book. The whole concept of the resort is pretty much back to basics. The staff were all so friendly and courteous. Very polite too! The whole place itself I give it a 2 thumbs up! 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

We unpacked our luggage, rested a little and it was time for dinner. 7pm sharp, it was dinner time. They serve you dinner at the restaurant, it's buffet nothing to jump about honestly. But do bring along some snacks in case you get hungry from time to time. Anyways, after dinner around 8.30pm it was time for the night jungle trekking.

The thing about night jungle trekking, it can be quite scary and challenging. You can't see where your walking, especially those steep areas. You can't see the animals and have to be extra cautious in case you touch a scorpion, poison bugs, snakes and lots more. The guides introduced a lot of plats to us. Rubber tree, chewing gum tree, sandalwood, perfume tree, love tree and also tongkat ali tree. God knows why he made us taste the leaves.. But like jungle people we still tried la.. The whole experience taught us lots honestly, how lucky we were to be living in a civilized world and yet there are still many out there living in this beautiful world. The orang aslis. We got a chance to see them too! =)

The next day, it was another day of jungle trekking. OH WE GOT TO SEE ELEPHANTS!! To be honest, I think it's better you guys go jungle trekking in the morning instead of the night.. You get to see things. MORE!

Food was extra expensive to eat at the resort, I highly recommend that you guys take a car and head out for about 15 minutes to get cheaper lunch. But don't expect 5 star quality food! Anyways, due to the rain.. The very heavy rain.. We could not do much but stay in the hotel.. Boring I know, but again.. Catching up in reading and just chillaxing to the beautiful natural cold air can be quite relaxing. Managed to catch few insects too! =p

Before we leave the resort, we managed to squeeze in some time for kayaking and bamboo rafting. Ok. now honestly we can kayak when we stay at any other beach side resorts or hotel.. You MUST try out the bamboo kayaking. Mom, my aunt, my baby brother and I tried that out. Of course you will get wet. But it's worth it! You will get wet. Trust me but the thrill of falling off the raft and the thrill of feeling the lake water. The fear of what is beneath us in the 300 meter lake. Goodness.. We had so much fun!! You have to try it!!

I honestly had lots of fun there. Minus the journey. But it was a worth it trip. =) Back to nature. Made me appreciate mother nature more.