How to dress up: Tights

Fiance says I spend too much time getting ready. Can't help it. I'm his best accessory. Best friends say I take too much effort even if I'm just going out for drinks. Now, you have no idea how hard it is to dress up these days. Especially when Malaysian weather is suddenly turning cold. Seriously now.. WTF!

So few months ago, aunt went to Aussie and came back with a bag load full of tights for me. See the thing about me, I'm madly in love with western clothes mainly because they have my size. I have Jennifer Lopez's butt size. I fell in love with most of my tights and started to get my whole wardrobe changed.

One of the tights aunt bought for me was a leopard print tight. Now we all know animal prints are pretty hard to mix with. I struggled with this wear. The thing about animal prints, you actually need to mix it with something simple. A simple top without any design or patterns are fine. Do keep in mind that you need simple colors to get this look. So I paired it with a simple top from Dorothy Perkins and my black long cardigan from Zara. Added a peacock feather accessory and my brown handbag and I'm all set.

Now, the other few tights I have are pretty simple and plain. The colors are either bold or just plain black, white, grey or white. So.. the next picture. I wore my grey cotton tights again, it's from Aussie. Like I said, aunt bought a whole bag of tights for me. The fun thing about tights, you have to pair them with a longer blouse that at least covers your bum. I had this long blouse too short for clubbing and too long to be paired with jeans. So I took that. Because it was over sized it hid my waist. And yes, I have an hour glass figure, so to bring out the attention of how small my waist was I paired it with a thin belt. The thing about thin belts. They make someone huge look insanely small!! Mad Love! Of course, I cannot leave without accessorizing myself. A long chain owl necklace you can get anywhere and a huge ring. I seem to love my brown bag a lot, so I used that too.. And done! I'm all set for work. And meeting people.

I have never blogged about my fashion or how I style myself. Think I should start doing that slowly. I write for all the plus sized people out there. =p Till then, let me know what you guys think of the mixture.