Nail Tutorial: 2 of a kind.

I've been so caught up with loads of things these few days that I hardly had the time to fix my nails. And the time when I finally get to do my nails I totally completely forget to take pictures of the procedure. Sorry guys. =( But hey, at least I took pictures of what I did right??!!

So the 1st nail art I did is the red and black I call it Devilish Twist. I don't know but there is something about the red that makes me feel all kinky.. Ha ha. =p So all you have to do is follow the instructions below.

1. Base Coat
2. Red Base Color - You want to start with Red because the back might just make your red look darker.
3. Black Side Color - Now at the side of the red, you can paint on the black color. It has to be straight to get this look. It helps if you use like a tape to make the line straight.
4. Bling it. - Grab your favo stone color and just bling it. Simple.
5. Top Coat - And your done!

Now for the next nail art, I insanely loved it so much. I plan to do it again for Christmas. We'll see how that goes. And it's really easy to do!

1. Base Coat
2. Choose a dark base color. - I choose a Dark Green and black.
3. Stud it - Before the paint dries up quickly apply the bits row by row.
4. Top Coat - YOUR DONE!

Just a little hint, to pick up your diamonds, studs, blings you can use a toothpick. But make sure the edge of it is either wet so it could grab your bling better.

See 2 nail art. *phew* Will be posting soon about this other colorful one!!