Nail Tutorial: Baby It's Cold Outside

It does not snow at all in Malaysia. Sad. I wish it did. But oh well, so I did a recording lately. Had fun with that song.. =) *Clickety Here* If you want to hear it. So got my nails done just for that special moment. =p

1. Base Coat
- Really it's that important!

2. Sparkly Base Color
- I wanted a nice sparkly base color.

3. Lightest Blue
- Choose the lightest blue that you have in your collection, using a sponge you want to sponge on the paint.

4. Light Blue
- Was not too happy with the light blue, so decided to darken it a little, leaving a nice shading effect on the nails.

5. Dark Blue
- Using the darkest blue, you want to sponge just the tip of your nails.

6. Sparkling Blue
- I love it when I have a little bit of bling on my nails. So added a little bit of bling on the tip of the nails.

7. White Snow
- Using a white acrylic, toothpick and a dotting tool you want to draw on the snow. It's pretty simple! A 't' and a 'x' and dots. That simple!!

8. Extra Bling
- Using a blue rhinestone, apply the stone in the middle of the snow.

9. Top Coat

How simple is this nail art!!