Nail Tutorial: Rainbow Stripes.

Finally got to get my nails done again. The next tutorial I promise it will be a Christmas one, but for now.. Let's just deal with my rainbow nails. I love colors.

1. Base Coat
- Up to you la if you want to spoil your nails. Apply if you really care. =p

2. White Base Color
- The reason why I decided to use a white base is because I realize that it brings out the color more.

3. Pink Stripes
- Using the thin brush or a toothpick or a needle. It's really up to you. But I recommend the thin brush to add the extra nice whip at the end. You want to paint on shades of pink.

4. Green Stripes
- After applying the pink stripes, you want to apply the green stripes at the side of the pink or wherever you feel like applying them. Don't have to really follow, it's really up to you honestly.

5. Yellow Stripes
- Then you want to apply the yellow stripes.

6. Blue Stripes
- And the last color of the lot. Blue.

7. Black Dots
- Using your doting tool or a toothpick you want to dot on some black dots to create extra attention to your nails.

8. Top Coat
- Lastly apply the top coat so your nail art don't chip fast.

Now, I know I honestly can't paint my nail polish well thus the bad nail paint. And the over excess all over. =p But don't forget to clean it up!!

And your done!!