*phew* It's been a while I have not updated the blog. I completely not know what to blog anymore. Other than updating on my daily dosage of life. And my random rah rah.. So here's another one of my updates.

Many of you who have my FB or my Twitter and Tumblr definitely found out that I have recently changed my hairstyle yet again. This time, I got myself BANGS!! Of course, I have to thank the one and only MONICA from Guys & Dolls. It's hard to find the perfect hairstylist who can cut perfect bangs to fit your face shape. Monica did it for me, no sweat.. No pressure! Amazing!!

Ok, now I have to be honest.. The honest truth is the top of my head, I'm starting to loose my hair. =( And it's NOT cool!! So to solve my balding, Monica decided to cut bangs for me. Just to make me look none bald. =)

And it worked!!!!! Woohoo!! Look at me now!! =)

I LOVE IT! Insanely in love with it!! xoxo. A huge shoutout to Monica for making me look.. ADORABLE. =)
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