Nail Tutorial: Pacman Nail Tutorial

When I was a kid, I LOVED playing with Pacman.. That was the Pokemon of the century, the iPad games of the moment.. And before you start guessing my age.. I AM NOT THAT OLD!! I'm still young enough to draw awesome nail art! =) I've been busy for such a long time, I hardly had the darnedest time to get my nails done. So, here's the most updated nail art. =) Pacman Nail Art..

1. Base Coat

2. Black Base Color.
- I LOVE OPI's black color! It's brilliantly awesome on it's own!

3. Blue Lines
- Using a paint brush (Or a toothpick) you want to draw some lines. Now these lines need to be straight, so you gotta be extra safe.

4. Yellow Pacman
- Now you want to draw on a yellow pacman on your tall finger. With the mouth open. =D

5. Colored little monsters
- Now you want to draw little colorful monsters, I had mine in red, orange and purple. =) Just to add a little more girlie colors in it. =)

6. White Dots
- Now, using the dotting tool. You want to dot on white dots. It's pretty simple. White dots. =) Oh and you want to dot on the eyes for the little monsters.

7. Black Dots
- Now using a smaller dotting tool or a toothpick you want to dot on eyes for the monsters and of course Pacman.

8. Top Coat
- Apply a layer of top coat to protect your nail art. Give it about 15 minutes to dry and your done!! PACMAN NAIL ART BABY!!

Have a great Pacman Day! =)